You are high performing executive/entrepreneur, but when it comes to love life, you are lost. There are missed opportunities and misunderstandings. You are willing to do the inner-work to debug your love language, fill your life with LOVE and attract high-quality potential mate left and right. You want to know where to find your mate.

I am here to help you to:

  • Create positive patterns in your love life
  • Understand the opposite sex
  • Find your values, your core talents and create vision for life
  • Create better emotional boundaries in your life
  • Help your creative abilities soar and attract new ventures

You might feel blocked or stuck. To get past it, you must learn to be vulnerable with yourself and feel it all. That is how you hit restart and create your extraordinary life.

I offer :

One-day VIP intensives in London (or over skype).
Two-day intensives if I fly to you.
Eight-month coaching programs.


* I only work with people who are ready to invest in their future.
* If you are interested in working with me, please fill in the application above.
* The minimum investment is $1K.

VIP intensive

$3200 / £2700


I’ve condensed my 4 years of meditation and energy work experience into an intensive, one-day VIP Energy Clearing Program. I offer my most-effective, in-person treatments in the privacy and comfort of my London therapy room. During these Access Consciousness sessions, I can best address the physical symptoms of your disconnection, such as injuries, headaches, and pain.

In this comprehensive, day-long program, we’ll work together to create the deep interaction and trust that leads to quick and effective healing.

If you’re looking for fast, long-lasting results, this is the treatment for you!

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$2700 / £2200


In my intense 60-day program, you will not simply resolve issues that are currently present in your life. Nor will you simply come to a place of peace about your past. Instead, you will learn to use your personal story - all of it - as a source of strength for future growth.

Rather than moving through life in a linear fashion from one event or crisis to another, I will teach you to progress in a nonlinear, more organic way - to stop fearing the unknown, to clear your space of uncertainty, to sustain your desire to grow and to be peaceful while in the growth process.

You will gain tools and knowledge to use throughout life.

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Invest in You. Get liberated Today!

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Value $500