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A Beautiful Journey

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Seven cities in the past three years. Ten cities in the past 13 years. Wallingford, CT. Chicago. Nuremberg. Shanghai. San Jose. LA. Hong Kong. Seoul. Mendoza, Argentina. London. Getting lost...getting confused is not part of my dictionary. I left home at the age of 16, and I had almost no direct career guidance from anyone to begin working on what I am doing now. To stay clear about why I am doing what I do, I learned to define home as where I am at, where my heart is at. I have learned to stay in alignment with my true values while moving through

My Why- Becoming the Transformation Machine

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I am happy to share with you more of who I am and why I do what I do. Only through knowing what you want, can you create what you desire. Please take a few minutes to watch my video and let me know what you think. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx9dFboRQHE[/embed]

Energy Pulling

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Have you tried Energy pulling recently? I tried it the other day. I pulled universal energy from the universe through my friend to me. Here is what it revealed to me:  -The sense of safety that my friend was gifting me. -That it's okay to be me. -That my friend was showing the light to me. Energy pulling was something I learned from Access Consciousness and it is helping me in so many ways! It is helping me with: -Speaking at workshops -Writing emails and sales pages -Getting a sense where my clients' blockages are at -Knowing what to talk about on a social media post -Knowing what my loved ones can hear at the moment so


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It was in the strangest situation where I learned that: I am Love. I was at a meditation camp in South America and I was told not to speak to one specific lady who was bullied by the entire group. But I felt the joy her words brought to me. I felt that I was able to differentiate truth from lies without listening to advice from the elders. Through meditating on it day and night, I realized I have my own truth also. I realized nothing can take away the love and light that I am. It felt explosive. It was one of the most expansive moment

Mind Travel with Laurel

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  Hey Beautiful! I created more audiotapes just for you! I want you to feel more relaxed at the end of the day. Put down your phone, switch off the computer and just be~ Two short 5-7 minute exercises have been uploaded to Sound Cloud. I am pretty excited about this series! It's called Mind Travel with Laurel. It will help you widen your mind and cut down the noise. You will feel more grounded and relaxed. Click here to listen to the tapes! I will upload mindset party tricks as well short meditation exercise for you to do before a big meeting as well as before you

When Freedom Starts to Die

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  Freedom is knowing I always have a choice of what I can create in this life. _____________________________________________ When Freedom starts to die It was sometime between the age of 7 and 9. It was not an overnight process, but it was the time when I started to reject fun in my life. I have no strong memories of my childhood, except to say that what I remember is that I didn’t have any worries. I remember that I would stare into the clouds and sky; I would space out and just enjoy being. When I was in kindergarten, I was always the joyful kid. I


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I was fearless as a child. I was the daredevil. I was often bold in gaining new experiences in life. At a young age, I was the first one who spoke her mind. But somehow along the way, I lost confidence and I lost the will to try. Given the pressure to deliver in academics and conforming to social customs, it was hard to hear my voice. I felt numb in my skin and I felt too weak to make new choices. I was waiting for someone to save me. It was at the age of 18 when my life started to

Boredom to Flavorful Life

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My life was burdensome and tiring because I accepted what others required of me.  I had forgotten how I needed more from my life. I had forgotten how to be in touch with myself, and hence felt so isolated from everyone. In this article, I talk about how I changed from being a follower into being a driver of my life. I had chosen to do things my parents wanted for me. I lived to please them because I didn't want to see them get hurt. I accepted that I had to do things my teachers at school wanted me to.

Redefining Me

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I grew up in Hong Kong, surrounded by sons and daughters of business moguls, doctors and lawyers. It seemed like everyone ended up in an Ivy league school. I felt extremely grateful for the educational opportunities I was given. Yet, I felt bound by pressure to deliver the "perfect" image of a well-to-do Chinese family. Back in 7th grade, I would take the metro to school every day. I would see herds of people in suits chug along on their way to work. They looked controlled and disconnected. I knew that was a life I didn't want, but my education strongly

Vulnerability to Potency

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Growing up in Hong Kong, if something didn’t critically affect you, you were supposed to hold it in and absorb the situation to maintain the relationship. This pressure to conform and not question authority was present everywhere and had a profound impact on how I saw myself and viewed the world. Once I moved between cultures, from Chinese to American to Korean and now British, I saw that things could be different. However, I still had to make a leap of faith and shift my habits and mindset to accept them. I will tell you more about how I transformed

Power in asking

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Do you know what you desire? The topic of desire is a very important one. Desire is often thought of as dirty. To control my desire, and control ”x” behaviors is what I learnt in the first few years of elementary school. Kids were scared so shitfaced that they peed their pants in school (Thank God I did not sit next to that girl!). Kids were yelled at for not practicing piano seven days a week. By placing your opinions and your desire below those of others, you learn to diminish your voice and your power. Who says that there cannot be 1 billion leaders in the