My name Is Laurel Lau.

From feeling blocked to feeling energized, my passion improved my health and relationships, and made my life vibrant and full of colors.

After struggling to find an engineering firm that I want to work for, I realized that my passion was not handing technical projects. I lived in 8 different cities to finish my master's degree, side projects, and internships. I was trying to find a home while running away from home. But after a lot of experimentation, meditation and studying inner-work felt like home to me.

Around the same time, I also realized that I have an immense talent in helping people with emotional healing, and my natural abilities in coaching became obvious to me. Those realizations energized me to unlock my potential as a transformational-coach and to inspire people to make healthy choices in creating a life of passion.

My passion changed my outlook on life and helped me find my place in the world.

My hair was falling out when I was working in Korea for a tech startup. I was using the computer more than twelve hours a day. But shortly after starting the job, I realize that I had become a slave to tech.

Technology had made me and my skills dispensable.
I was compared with any inexpensive outsourcing out there, and the thousands of freelancers seeking jobs online; I didn't know what my technical skills amount to anything.

As I went through meditation and personal development programs with coaches, healers, and meditation masters, I found my place in the world and became free of inner conflict and pain. The emotional healing work was vital for me in building my tribe and continually up-leveling my business. Lastly, I attracted and created an outstanding romantic relationship with my current boyfriend, where growth and open communication is the focus.

Are you curious how it feels like to get out of the inner turmoil?
Are you curious what would feel like to feel alive and to feel energized every day?
Would you like to know your place in the world?

It becomes increasingly important for you to have soaring creativity for a highly complex project that a machine would not be able to provide.
It becomes important for you to be surrounded by conscious loving people who are building the future.
It becomes important for you to have confidence find a loving partner who highly self-aware and create an epic relationship.

In this day, with shorter life cycle for every product, with accessibility to freelancers across the world through work, with the ease of setting up a shop and store online, any employee is faced with a global market of businesses and candidates.

It's more important than ever to know how you stand out, your place in the world, and what values you hold your life. Without all that you could be lost in the ever-changing increasingly-diversifying markets. This goes for both for both business and love life.

Would you like to know your place in the world and feel worthy to reach for more?

That is exactly the type that I do, to help people create a new vision of life for the next 30 years, and create authentic relationships. And I am DAMN good at it. I am great at helping realize their purpose.

I am great at helping clients uncover hidden natural talents, embrace the power of emotional freedom, and create an extraordinary life of purpose and passion.

If you want to find your purpose, you must find your value, your talent and all your different creative abilities. Today is the day to start.


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